Our first limoncello of the season from scratch – can’t wait to sample. We will give you the verdict in a couple of days. Take 8 lemons and remove the zest in ribbons being very careful to avoid any white pith.


Steep in 750ml of 95% alcohol (not 95 proof, Aussies speak to your friendly chemist) for 4 days in a sealed glass container. Remove the zest (it will crackle as all oils have been leached out by the alcohol). Dilute with 2 litres of sugar syrup (600gm sugar dissolved in 2 litres of water). Bottle. After 2-3 days serve chilled. Salute!!!

The verdict is in! Molto Buono!!!

One thought on “Limoncello

  1. Vlado and Alison

    Hi there Tony and Julie,
    Finally, we get to try Tony’s Limoncello (after making the batch ourselves!). Will see you in Tuscany this September 2016 as we’ll be passing through!

    Vlado and Alison
    (formerly 3E Silk)

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